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Woman in the Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see what others tell you they see? 

Let me tell you about my Mirror Experience..

I can remember in my teenaged years just seeing that ‘round tha way girl who was always down for a good time. I mean, Baltimore Clubs owe me nothing! At that time I was  cute, sassy, and funny. 

Fast forward to the grown up years. What is it that I see now? I see so many things. Woman. Mother. Sister. Friend. Warrior. Survivor. In this season of growth, these tight eyes of mine are wiser and able to see much clearer.  See, one day I asked God to Fix Me. Straight up, Fix Me Lord. You know what’s wrong and what’s right.  I told him Lord I just wanna smile.Honey lemme tell you, he went to work on me. The awesome thing about God is he works in a way that allows you to see, acknowledge, evaluate, and self correct. As I look at myself today, I see so much growth. I no longer see the impatient, semi emotionless being that had the potential to shut down at the first sight of discord. I am much more equipped to  stand firm in my “no”. Emotionally equipped with the vocabulary to face and vocalize challenges. Do I struggle? Hell yeah!  Are there things and people I adamantly refuse to deal with? Absolutely. See, when I asked God to fix me he gave me, he gave me discernment. Courage. Wisdom. He allows me to stand in my courageousness by sending Grace and Mercy my way. This is a winning combination. God reminds me and presents situations that force me to protect my peace. And one of  my good good girlfriends always reminds me to “check my circle” and if it ain’t right, go head and throw up them deuces! I am at place where I will comfortably and confidently  remove myself from a situation and the presence of anyone that has the potential to to disturb my peace. Let’s be clear, this is a process - there are moments where my energy is misused and I have to give myself a G CHECK!!!  So lemme ask you, what’s in your mirror? How are you protecting your peace? Take care of you!!