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Looking for a New Perspective

Hey Yall! As most of you know, I was on vacation for a few days. I am back and I must say,I had the time of my life!!! Being away from all things familiar, I had the opportunity to see so much. Aside from the obvious...seeing new faces, new cultures, new ways of living, I had the opportunity to do some self-reflection. I had time to think about life itself and the way we navigate our way through it. How much do we take for granted? Who do we take for granted? I made a mental list of the things and people I have taken for granted.While sitting on the beach, I tried to offer some explanation as to why and simply put.. There is none. No excuse to take anything or anyone for granted. Period. So for anyone that I have taken for granted, please forgive me.

Often times, we see ourselves through the eyes of others and we begin to believe that opinion and and then begin to operate based on that opinion. Certain behaviors become expected behaviors. I am completely guilty of allowing myself to be taken for granted. I believe we all have been either the one to take someone for granted or the one being taken for granted. Either way, LET'S MAKE SOME CHANGES! LET'S LOOK FOR A NEW PERSPECTIVE!

I can only share my experience; we all have to do what works best for us. How did I look for a new perspective? How did I change my way of thinking, speaking, doing, and being?

I had to be completely honest with myself and see myself for who I truly am a person!!! This is a level of transparency that can be difficult, but you can do it!!! Once I got comfortable with who I am, I was able to identify areas of work, but it also allowed to me to see so much greatness within myself. That part right there, the greatness within, is the New Perspective! It's not being arrogant, but if I don't love myself and believe in myself, how can I expect anyone else to believe in me? I have no desire to be perfect, but listen, I am seeing myself differently. It is no longer what I don't have; it's what I am working towards. It's no longer who doesn't like me; it's more of I am gonna love the ones who love me unconditionally. It's no longer nothing ever works the way I planned; it's God's plan is not my plan. Trust me, this is a process and it takes time and patience. So let me ask you?

1.What/who have you taken for granted?

2. Who has taken you for granted?

3.What negatives are you willing to turn into positives by just changing your thought pattern?

I challenge you to look for a new perspective with each new day God allows you to see.

Take care of you!