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Cutting Ties and Clipping Dead Ends

Hey Yall!! It has been a minute! Too many things have taken place in the past month and I am finally getting it together. I temporarily slipped into a dark place and allowed myself to sit in my truth and work my way out of it, in my own time, and in my own way. The responsibilities associated with preparing yourself and your kids for a new school year can really take a toll on you! So here I am, back in the game, ready for action!!

In the midst of all that has taken place in the past month, I definitely learned a few lessons. The main thing I have learned is that sometimes it is truly necessary to cut some things out and cut some people completely off. Here's the thing... energy, vibes, and body language are real things! As we go about our daily routines, we interact with all sorts of folks. As mature adults, we should be able to coexist and be cordial with everyone, regardless as to what are personal feelings are and how we see them. Truth is.... sometimes we just can't. Why? Because the energy is bad. The vibes are negative. In the very recent past, I made a firm decision that I want NOTHING TO DO with specific people. Period. End of Story. Show's over. Move on, there's nothing to see. I SAID WHAT I SAID.

Now what I will say is this... there are folks who are content where they are in life. Growth is not a priority. They may enjoy being stagnant, sad, mad, mean etc. I can't concern myself with that because it is their right to operate in their truth. It is also my right and my obligation to do what is best for me. And if not dealing with certain folks is what's best for Gigi, then yeah, that's what I'm doing. The beauty is that I will not be nasty nor will I make a big production. The reality is that there are some miserable, unhappy, immature folks out there and it's not business to concern myself with them. The positive twist is that those people serve as a catalyst for self reflection. I tend to replay conversations and situations. In my reflections, I ask myself:

1. Did I add value to the conversation/situation?

2. How did the interaction make me feel?

3. Is this a continuous pattern?

If my responses aren't positive, then I need to make some changes. I challenge you to evaluate your "SHIPS"- Friendships. Relationships, Situation-ships. Are they advancing or enhancing your growth? If not, make some changes and be UNAPOLOGETIC in putting your mental head space first. Just as it is necessary to clip the dead ends of your hair in order to make room for the new growth, it is necessary to clip the dead ends of other situations. Ding! Ding! Drop them off at the next stop and keep it pushing Sis!