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Go Ahead and Free Yourself

Let's say it...

T H E R A P Y !!!

The mere mention of the word is Taboo to many. You have those who say, "Give It To God" and let him handle it. You have those who say therapy is for "Crazy" people and those who say, "I'm not fitna sit nowhere and tell nobody my business". News Flash Sis, "your business" is why you are feeling the way you feel.It's not my place to tell anyone what to do with their "business". One day I just sat back and took a real, honest, gangsta-like inventory of my life and my experiences. I started with childhood and then thought about some teen aged experiences. I spent the most time thinking about my adulthood. The failed relationships. The coulda,woulda,shoulda moments. I realized that my experiences in my childhood and teen aged years were directly connected to how I viewed things and people, along with the way I acted. As parents, we tell our kids to ask the teacher for help when they are lost, confused, or need help. Well, why doesn't the same requirement apply to us, as adults? Why are we ashamed to ask for help in sorting out our "business"? Why don't we seek out and use resources and tools when we need to be talked off of the proverbial ledge? Are we allowed to get help? Hell Yes! So let me understand... you are jacked up, realize and now know you are jacked up, and remain jacked up because of pride and/or fear? Girl Bye!!! Come on Sis! Don't do that to yourself!

So when I went to therapy, I made it clear that I am a child of God , I believe in the power of prayer and that I wanted everyday tools. What I learned was that speaking on the "experience" diminishes it power. Period. End of Story. Close the Curtains. The therapists are there to serve as guides. It's your business you are navigating through and they are trained navigators. Trust and believe you are not the first nor the last person to tell a therapist a story of dysfunction. You owe it to yourself to take ownership of your healing and growth. You owe it to your kids. You owe it to those who look up to you. You owe it to those people you have been lashing out on for no reason. You owe it to those who continue to love on you through all of your mess and foolery. Broken crayons still color, but you have to keep pulling back the paper. I challenge you to "Handle Your Business Black Woman". Remember, healing never stops. It is a continuous process. #JUSTDOIT

Take Care of You!