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Case No. 321456987: The Case of Life vs You.....

Your Honor, I plead GUILTY. Guilty as charged. Guilty as hell. I am guilty of many things. Period. No explanation, no excuse. It 's extremely comfortable and familiar to speak on the good things we do. so let's get into it Sis. Let's talk about the hard, ugly, nasty truth. You know the things we don't want people to even fathom about us. In thinking about guilt, what people and situations have we allowed ourselves to carry guilt? You know, carry guilt like you carry that nice purse.. you grab it as you walk out of your front door and it accompanies you everywhere you go. For me, I carry the guilt of watching my children maneuver through their parents living separately. I carry the guilt of not speaking up for myself in too many situations. I carry the guilt of caring too much for folks who only deserve love from Jesus because He loves EVERYBODY. I carry the guilt of settling and the consequences that come with it. Hell we all can fill an overnight bag with all kinds of guilt. But my question is at what point we do get cute, put on our best lippie and invite guilt over. Open the door wide open, welcome Guilt right on in and look her square in the face with confidence and comfortably say, "WE ARE FINISHED. IT'S OVER SWEETS. HIT THE BRICKS!"

I have realized and gotten comfy with all my shortcomings. Am I working on them? Yes maam, I am but in the meantime, AIN'T nobody gonna just keep making me feel guilty about any of them, not even me. Many times the degree and extent of the guilt is self inflicted.We get in our heads and convince ourselves that we have fallen short, and can never redeem ourselves. Then we overcompensate, tolerate, and ignore. We overcompensate by buying unnecessary shit and shit we cannot afford. Yes, I said shit. We tolerate people and their bullshit because we feel guilty about saying what needs to said, when it needs to be said and to whom it needs to be said. In the words of Aunt Yanla, Yes Beloved.. Call a Thing A Thing, have the VERY necessary conversations and move on. We ignore the bright red, neon yellow, disco blue, and blinding orange flags. Stop seeing people and things for anything other than WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE. Once you do this, start making money moves Sis. You may lose some things and people but you will sleep real good at night! Please believe it!! There is nothing more freeing to your mind, soul, and spirit that releasing guilt. Think about this.. you are running around feeling guilty for just breathing and these jokers out here living their best lives. Nah Sis, you must do better!!! I challenge you to release the guilt. Take back your sanity and your peace of mind. Everything and everyone will find their way and be just fine. Take care of you!!