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Time Out! Give Me a Minute! the whistle! I need a time out coach! I need a t.v. time out! A full time out! How often do you time yourself out? How often do you time others out? Or do you just allow yourself to be out of control and allow others to run wild? In a recent conversation, I heard someone say, "Oh that's just how so and so is". Ummmm... no, nope. Not buying Sis. How often do we use that phrase to excuse bad behavior? At no point is it acceptable for us to be rude and treat others poorly in any situation because "that's just how I am". Over the years, I have known some real "Smarty Pants" and some folks who were mean as snakes. You know, the kind who rarely have anything nice to say and when they attempt to offer a kind word, it scares the life out of you. So my question is... at what point do we check ourselves? At what point do we realize that the foolishness we are spewing is out of order? At what point do we let others know that their behavior is unacceptable instead of allowing them to continuously act out? For me, it gets to be too much. I recently told someone and I quote, " A lot of the things that come out of your mouth are not nice and we need to work on that". Plain and simple. Now don't get me wrong, I know I am not perfect and I recognize that I have work to do on myself. At the same time, we have to hold one another accountable, be supportive, and push each other to be better. So when someone comes to you with constructive criticism, don't just stare at them..LISTEN. LISTEN WITH YOUR GOOD EAR! Hear what they are saying and ask yourself if any of what is being said is true? Are you rude? Are you short with people? Are you condescending? Are you short on compliments? Are you consistently defensive about EVERYTHING? If what is being said is true, then guess what Beloved, go ahead and sit in that truth. Get a cup of coffee. Get a glass of wine. Sit it in and then decide what you are going to do about it. If you don't like the picture you have painted, then throw the whole damn canvas away and start again. That's the good thing about waking up, with those brand new mercies. You get to start over! Every day that God allows you to see is another day to try to be better. Now on the flip side, some folks might be content with who they are and how they operate. With that being said, that's when you get to use those time outs!!!!! Let those folks continue to walk and operate in their anger, bitterness, insecurity, jealousy... the whole ball of mess. Quietly and discreetly give them a time out. No announcement. No song and dance. Just a time out. Now some time outs may last a few days, weeks, months, hell, even years! No love lost, you just can't do the bad behavior anymore. It's a hindrance to your growth and you have to be comfortable enough to put your personal growth and mental well being first and maintain that position. The bottom line is this You have to have the sense to know who with whom you are dealing, what is actually happening and that sometimes the only way to control it is to end it. If it means taking the "L", then so be it. Your mental well-being is your priority!

Take Care of You!