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Watch Your Mouth!

How many times has someone said some foul shit to you? Or are you the one who says whatever, whenever, to whomever? And if it hurts their feelings, so be it. If it makes them feel unimportant, then so be it. If it makes them uncomfortable, then so be it. If it makes them hesitate to talk in your presence, then that's on them. How do you navigate through your feelings? For some people, a simple apology is all it takes and all is well. A gift and a meal make it all better. For me, this is a struggle. I am still working on finding my way out of my feelings. I can stew in them for a minute. You know, just be mute. If I had to describe it , I would say that I lack the emotional vocabulary in the heat of the moment to say exactly what I feel. For me, I need a minute to process what really happened. So I guess I have a delayed reaction. How many times have you been in a situation and your fear, insecurity or crazy took over? And the words that came out of your mouth had the potential to get your teeth loosened? I mean let's be real, no one is perfect and we all fall short. But sometimes it really is best to close your mouth and say nothing, especially if your words have the potential for backlash. I guess the saying "Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say" is applicable but my question to you would be... are your words clearly communicating what you are feeling and thinking? For me, Semantics is everything and I OWN IT! LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING... TONE, WORD CHOICE, AND DELIVERY are vital to effective communication. Two people can convey the same message two completely different ways and end up with completely different results. What words do you use to communicate happiness, hurt, disappointment, joy, fear, confusion, etc.? Do you revert to what's comfortable? Do you take time to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings? Do you operate like me and get mute? Do you go all the way off the deep end and deal with the aftermath later? How do you process and respond when people come out of their mouth sideways? Do you make sure that what you heard is what they meant? Or do you take their word at face value and proceed from there? Remember, words hurt. Use them wisely.

Take Care of You,