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I'm Every Woman

Hey Yall! As you know, in October we recognize and celebrate our Breast Cancer Warriors and our Domestic Violence Survivors. So I decided to close it out with a tribute to WOMEN! So, I started thinking about what it means to be a woman. What kind of woman am I? What kind of woman am I viewed as? What kind of woman do I hope to be remembered as? Let's be clear, I am not talking about the surface level stuff... I am not my hair. Not my clothes. Not my car. Definitely not my bank account. So now that we have gotten that part out of the way, let's hashtag, Get Into It!! What have we been told by our mommas, grannies, aunties, sistahs and homegirls about being a woman? Did you read "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret"? Did you think you were grown when you got your "monthly'? Or was it when you did the "Grown Up" thing? For some women,it's the attention of man. For others, it's the birth of their children. For some, it's professional status. One of my sisters in my head, Taraji P. Henson has played characters who epitomize the various stages, phases and snippets of my womanhood.

Yvette, BabyBoy. Young and crazy with no damn direction.

Cookie, Empire. No damn filter, living unapologetically.

April, I Can Do Bad All By Myself. Living from day to day. In denial.

Lauren. Think Like A Man. All up in my own way. Too afraid to like and terrified to be loved. Too damn independent for my own good.

So yeah, if my life were a movie holla at Taraji.

In really thinking about it, what is it that makes me feel, believe, and operate like a woman? Who is Gina, the woman? What is it that makes me a woman? I can confidently say it is and always will be the little things.It's my interpersonal relationships. It's my trips to get my brows, nails and toes done. It's helping my sisters feel good about themselves. It's giving the younger generation a listening ear, and a good word. It's respecting and honoring all of my blackness. It's loving all of my broken pieces. This is what defines my womanhood. It's owning my weaknesses. All of them. It's giving sound to what hurts me. It's standing up for myself, even if it is in my most 'round the way voice and body language. It is standing up for myself in most collegiate voice and language. This is what defines my womanhood. These things make me a woman. Every Woman. Black Woman. Sassy Woman. Caring Woman. Working Woman. Angry Woman. Confident Woman. Sad Woman. Insecure Woman. Daring Woman. Beautiful Woman. Angry Woman. Sister Woman. Mother Woman. Gentle Woman. Eager Woman. Scared Woman. Phenomenal Woman. Adaptable Woman. Yeah, I'm Every WOMAN.

And These Are The Makings Of Me!( Ok Curtis Mayfield) Take some to think about yourself as a woman. Who would play you in the story of your life? Are you living enough to be portrayed in a movie? Be the star of your life story and be selective about your supporting cast Sis. And remember Everything is not for everybody, so your life may not be a good fit for everybody. Be unapologetic in your selection.

Take Care of You,