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Life's Lessons: What Grade Did You Receive?

What has life taught you over the years? If your mastery of life's lessons could be documented, on what level would you fall?

1. Masters Degree- You have been through enough and can smell bull shit a mile away. You own your mess and are sorting through your baggage.

2. High School- You are still holding out hope for the damn near impossible and still making excuses for bad behavior even though you know better.

3. GED- You have time for all kinds of foolery and well, girl bye! We can't.

I am gonna say I am in well into the Masters Program. Which lessons did you kinda scoot by simply because it required you to open up the door and let the bones fall out? Let's hashtag Get Into Sis!

The biggest lesson I have learned is the Conversations are Powerful. Simply telling someone how I feel can make a world of a difference. I don't have to get all ShaNayNay in the neck while doing it, but I definitely own what I feel.

Another important lesson is that I AM ENOUGH. I do not have to conform to anyone's thought patterns, routines, or expectations in order to be successful, loved, or prosperous. In other words, WHAT YOU EAT DOES NOT MAKE ME SHIT. So carry on Boo Boo!

People claim to be a Ride or Die. Truth is some can only ride in luxury vehicles. Some get carsick real quick. Some don't know how to drive. Some fall asleep after the first mile. But on the contrary, there are some who will ride to the very end in the hoopty, with no air conditioning.So I am real careful with that one.

One real good lesson I have learned is that God has designed and planned some good stuff for only me. And it is just that.. designed and planned for me. Some of the hardships and challenges have a purpose. So sometimes, I have to just trust the process and know that it is for my good.

We are cookin now Sis! Now this one might make you Holla! One of the most important lessons is that EVERYTHING AINT FOR EVERYBODY! Plain and simple. Simple and plain. You have to allow folks to be who they are... good, bad, ugly. There are folks who are mean and surly. Let them be mean and surly. There are folks who play to win. Let them play to win. There are people who just don't give a damn. Let them not give a damn. If you are striving to be your best self and it's working for you, but not someone else, guess the hell what? EVERYTHING AINT FOR EVERYBODY. Period. The cool kids aren't the only kids on the playground. You have to be ok with falling back from people and things. You have to stay in your lane for this whole ride we call life. Everybody can't be on 10, somebody has to be on 3. Someone has to be levelheaded. Someone has to be the quiet one. Someone has to be the one of of control. Figure out who you are and play your role. Don't dim your light in order for someone else's to shine. Maybe it is their season for darkness. Own all of your stuff Sis! It's yours. It's what makes you Unique! When you own it and talk confidently about, it feels real good. If people start judging you and minding your business, redirect them to their lane and remind them to get some business of their own and Carry On Boo-Boo!

Take Care of You!