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Are you in the "Meanwhile" or Nah?

Well hey world!! It's been forever, but I had to take some time to get it together... But I am back!! Recently, I had an impromptu therapy session with my cousin Nicky. She is my personal "Iyanla" and she dropped some gems that stuck with me. And of course I am going to share them with you!! so here goes.....We were talking about negative energy and negative space. We all have those moments and thoughts when we want to react in a not so mature manner. We want to roll up on people and let them how we get down. That's relatively easy to do. She said to me let people do and say what they will, but you keep working on your "meanwhile". And that shit hit me like a ton of bricks. Let's get into that MEANWHILE behavior!!

People will hurt you, MEANWHILE.. continue to love from a genuine place.

People will talk shit about you, MEANWHILE.. continue to stay in a good head space.

People will plot against you, MEANWHILE, keep grinding.

People will attempt to bully you, CHECK THEM ON THAT SIS!! And quickly hop back into your Meanwhile.

People will doubt you and your capabilities, MEANWHILE, keep grinding and reminding yourself who the hell you are. Period.

People will isolate you, MEANWHILE, work on your self. Change your diet. Meditate. Burn sage and re focus.

People will laugh at you for wanting to break generational curses, MEANWHILE , change the trajectory of your life and your kids' lives.

People will kick you while you are down, MEANWHILE, go head and talk to God while you are down there. Ask him for the will and you can find the Strength.

People will show you their true colors, and they are probably shitty colors, you know, the colors in the crayon box no one uses. MEANWHILE, you quietly place those colors back in the box, with the understanding that people have the right to be shitty and that you have the right to remove them from your space. Period. Stop allowing shitty people in your space. That's a good one.

So sis, let me ask you.. Are in the meanwhile or are you still subscribing to the bull? Are you really working on you or allowing the insignificant actions and thoughts of others control your mood , thoughts and actions? If you are, take a minute and ask yourself if this is really how you want to operate. Tomorrow is not promised and I will be all the way damned if anyone else will have that kind of power. Hell, none of us are even guaranteed to make it back home each day. So there is no way I am not gonna make the best of each day. Remember everyone on your team is not cheering for you. Cheer for your damn self. Move in silence.

Ask God for some discernment. There are some genuine folks who have a good heart. I just believe it. I am one of them. I am a work in progress. Until next time, take care of you.