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Taking Off The Masks!!

Hey Yall ! I got some good stuff to chat about!! Stay with me ! Lately I have just been watching how people move. I have observed how people receive good news, bad news and everything in between. I have observed how people handle stressful, uncomfortable, and shitty situations. Sidenote, shitty is one of my favorite words. I don't know why, it just is! I have listened to people feed me a jug of lies, for no real reason. Maybe I had my "Please lie to me" shoes on. I have listened to people sugarcoat the dumbest of things.I have seen people dance around facts. I am guilty of all of these things so no judgement on my end. But I did have to say to myself, 'Aint This Some Shit?' Why are these people perpetratin' a fraud? Pullin' an okie doke? Putting people in the trick bag.. April Fools and Halloween have passed. I said well dang it's like they are wearing masks all year round. So as we bring this year and decade to a close, I want us (you and I) (me and you) to hashtag REMOVE THE MASK!!!

Here's the thing: This is both a short and long term goal. Let's looks at the masks we wear:

The Mask of Happiness- Stop sayin' you are happy when you aren't. Try it.. I'm not happy today, at this moment, etc. And you dont' any of us an explanation as to why you aren't happy. It's liberating. I promise when you acknowledge, own, and sit with it, it will remove 10 lbs of Stress off of you! and then your Happy jeans will fit again!! And begin the work to get your happy back!

The Mask of Being Supportive - We all have been supportive until it really counted. Some people just like the way it sounds. I'm convinced. And I'm not talking financially because my coin is limited. Sometimes we just need you to show up, mentally and physically. Send a good word, positive affirmation, a hey girl, just send something. If you know support is not your area, say it. Own it and move on. We will respect you so much more for your transparency versus thinking we can count on you and then get let down.

The Mask Of Unbotheredness- Sis, this is good one! So let's chill here for a minute. We all say quick to say how unbothered we when the reality is this: WE ARE BOTHERED, BIG BOTHERED!! I have learned to identify WHO and WHAT bothers me. Oh there are some spirits that bother me and I will quickly govern myself accordingly. Let the church say Amen on that! Some folks will remained bothered and never address why they are so "unbothered" Maybe it's one of those Hurts So Good kinda situations. (Insert Shoulder Shrug)

The Mask of Positiveness-Girllllllll, there are some people that you can "deflee" rely on to be the ants at the picnic. Period. But will swear 'they are just sayin'. I have learned to limit my good news to a select few. All you can do is give them a head nod and keep it positively pushing.

Now listen,I'm not saying go out and spill your guts to anyone who will listen. Save that for your therapist. They will help you with all of the baggage, emotions, etc. When you remove your mask, you will learn some things about yourself. You will be able to identify areas of strengths,weakness, and areas needing improvement. None of us will ever be perfect but a work in progress beats no work at all. Half of a paycheck is more than no paycheck!!

Remember there is only one YOU. No one else can do that thing you do, the way you do it.

Take Care of You!!