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When Is The Expiration Date On....

Hey Yall! I know it has been a minute but unfortunately I have been trying to F O C U S. I have recently realized the expiration date has come and gone on some things and people in my life. And just like that, it's time to clean some shit up. So let's hashtag get into it. When food expires, it stinks. It looks bad. Tastes bad. It is no longer good for you. You don't think twice about getting rid of whatever it is that has expired. The same applies to some relationships and friendships. Sometimes they are no longer good for you. They don't enhance your life. But do we get rid of them as easily as we do that bad meat in the refrigerator? Or do we allow them to take up space in our heads, hearts, and minds? Why do we hold on to people and things that no longer make us feel loved, needed, or appreciated? When it comes to your mental and emotional health, things really are black or white.Let me ask these questions:

  • When is the expiration date on your insecurities? You are the shit girl.

  • When is the expiration date on that one sided relationship? You are enough girl.

  • When is the expiration date on those surface level interactions with those people you know don't rock with you? They don't enhance your life girl. Let them go sis.#CutTheIffyOnesOff

  • When is the expiration date on those doubts you have about yourself? You are the shit girl.

  • When is the expiration date on the fears you have carried for years? You got this girl.

  • When is the expiration date on loving niggas that can't , won't , and don't love you back/ right? You are DESERVING and WORTHY girl. Please believe it!!

  • When is the expiration date on listening to the Negative Nee-Nee? You got this girl. Leave her miserable ass on the steps.

  • When is the expiration date on being hesitant to live a whole, healthy life? Tomorrow aint promised girl.

Listen, get chu some Jesus, therapy, sage, meditation music, a boo thang, some genuine friends, whatever it takes to get you back to being UNFUCKWITHABLE. Period. Life is to be lived. Minimize the distractions. Let them think you fell off. Some people thought I did and I did not feel the need to prove shit to anybody. I humbled myself and minimized the distractions. I protected my energy. Prayed for peace. Drank plenty of water. Minded the business that paid me. I cut the iffy ones off. God healed my soul. I prayed for discernment in order to see, and understand and act on those expiration dates. Until the next time, check the dates boo.. make some power moves. Take care of you.