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Hey Yall!

It's your favorite Round Da Way blogger with some good stuff! So let's hashtag get into it!!! Recently, I had a conversation with a guy and he said and I quote, "Women cannot handle the truth, period. No matter how much yall say yall would always want the truth". So I started thinking about it and yeah sis, I got questions. Do we really want the truth? Can we handle it? Are we ready for it? Even it crushes us? Even if it is inconvenient for us and our lives? It is easy to hear those pretty truths about ourselves, the ones that make us feel and look good. Can you handle the ugly truth? The ones that make us reflect on our behavior. The ones that hold us accountable for how we operate.

Do you want to know when you are being a shitty friend? Will it make you self reflect and do things differently? Will you get defensive and come up with reasons why you are a good friend or will you trust the concept that there are times we fall short and work on being better?

Do you want to know that we knew all along that you were being a fool when it came to Ol Boy? Will you understand that we chose to let you see things for yourself because you are stubborn. Will you cut us off because you believe that we don't want to see you happy? (Insert Shoulder Shrug)

Do you tell your mate/spouse when you have been put in a situation that makes you uncomfortable and now has the potential to affect yall? Or will you just shut down and avoid the situation from now on.

Do you tell your children when you are wrong? Will you apologize and explain to them that you acknowledge and respect their feelings?

Do you tell your good girl girl friends when they are out of pocket? Or do you just go along like a follower? I mean sis, you know she is doing some foul shit and it's not a good look and all you can come up with is "She is a grown woman and that's on her".. If you said that, YOU ARE OUT OF POCKET!!

Tell the truth sis, are you approachable? Read that again.

Can you be chin checked in love? Especially when it is from somewhere who has been where you are going.

Can you listen to understand versus listening to respond?

Can you honestly own your shit?

Can you own your role in the breakup?

Can you own your role in why you didn't earn the promotion?

Sis, it is so easy for us to hear the good truths? Girl, you did that! Sis, you are this, you are that... compliments feel good. But honest criticism builds character. Now, don't be out here being hurtful, and disguising it as honesty. That ain't hot!! So I challenge you to be honest with yourself about yourself. You got this. Until the next time, Take Care of You. #SoulOverEgo