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Hello Barbara, This is Shirley....

Hey Yall,

It's your favorite Round Da Way Blogger and I got a good one for you. Soooooo, I was talking to my good girlfriend and in conversation she dropped something to talk about !! She was telling me about how someone shared something with her and afterwards it left us wondering a few things...When people roll up on you with some bull shit, disguising it as constructive criticism, how do you respond?

Ayyyeeee Sis, this one is for you!!! So let's hashtag get into it!!

It always trips me out when people say shit like,"Listen girl, watch what you say around so and so because..." Let's stop right there...As grown women, we are free to say whatever we want. The interpretation and message is the role of the listener. But my first question is what the hell did you do to make this person so comfortable that they can share anything with you about me? And this must not be the first conversation yall done had, so now I am side eyeing you boo!!

Next, the information that you are bringing back to me. let's take a look at that. What the hell you do want me to do with it? Put it on a hanger? Wear it to church? Put it on my desk? I mean tell me what to do with it? I said what I said.

So my question is what do you do when people bring stuff back to you?

  • Do you get all Rah Rah, and wanna bring the smoke? I'm gonna be honest. Depending on what it is, I will get somewhat uptight, like uhh hunni... I got real life shit going on, people are dying, the bills are due, like what the hell... you aint got nothing going on? You got time and balls to carry bones? Girl bye!!!! Go head with that shit. And the reason I get funky with it is because I don't want you to repeat this bad behavior of carrying bones because it may not end well next time.

  • Do you take the time to actually explain what you said and why you said it, etc.. you know.. because you need to clarify stuff? Let me tell you this.. STOP BEING CONCERNED WITH TELLING YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY!! HASHTAG MESSAGE!!!! It really doesn't matter. People gon think and feel what they want. Period. So why even waste your energy????!!! Put that energy into something productive and positive, like growing your business, improving your relationship with someone who actually means something to you, or taking care of your spirit.

You gotta put them boundaries in place for folks that are not officially in your circle. They cannot be so cozy with you that they will roll up on you with the foolery. You gotta make people see that you are not the one, two, or the three. You gotta let them see that you will maturely check their ass. And give them guidance for future activities. And most importantly, don't bring no shit back to me. Because I said so. End of discussion.

Remember what you are what you eat... that means when you take in Bad JuJu, YOU BECOME BAD JUJU!!

Until next time. Take Care of You!