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It's Not Over!

So over the few weeks, we all have experienced something that can be labeled as traumatic, life-changing,new, scary,or simply put "Corona". I am not exempt from any of this. My college athletes are home indefinitely. They have established college routines that do not coincide with my routines and house rules. It is an adjustment, but Thank You God because I love seeing and talking to them each day. My moody Preteen is home all day, making tiktoks and trying to avoid her schoolwork but Thank You God that I can see her daily and know that she is safe. Thank You God for The Charm School Project For Girls for providing virtual classes instead of cancelling the Spring session. My budget has changed and I have to buy more food but Thank You God for my good government job that pays me enough to make the trip to the grocery store. I am working from home and lose connectivity often but Thank You God for A Job. I haven't been able to have an outlet to relieve stress and stay fit, but Thank You God for my good girlfriend, Denere Hilton and her online BodyWERK Fitness classes to provide us with a healthy outlet to stay fit in the comfort of our homes. We can go on and on about how our normal is no longer normal but Thank You God for what we do have.Remember, somebody didn't wake up this morning, but we did. Over the past few weeks, we have shown up for each other in ways we could never have imagined. We are going to virtual happy hours and allowing ourselves to be distracted. We are letting one another know which stores have toilet paper and soap. We are sharing math and reading lessons for our kids. We are allowing one another to be in breakdown without judgement. We are allowing one another to be vulnerable and say we are afraid. We are checking on each other. We are doing things differently. We are finding reasons to smile and laugh. We are staying informed. God is giving me an opportunity to continue the work on me. Thank You God for those who are helping us through this because we don't have answers. Do I know what tomorrow will bring? Hell no, but in this moment,I am choosing to live. Do I have those moments where I am out of my mind? Hell Yeah I do. But in this moment, I am choosing to live. So basically what I am saying is that we all have a choice. I cannot tell anyone what to do,say,believe, or how to be. We all have to do what works for us as individuals. But in working your way through this pandemic, remember all the shit you thought was gonna take you out, but it didn't. Think all of the people that tried to destroy you , but failed. Think about the co workers that tried to throw you under the bus, but failed. Think about that raggedy ass boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse that tried to muddy up your reputation but failed. When you finished, just smile and know that YOU GOT THIS! And when this is all over, we will tell the story! Until then, take care of you!