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Stay in the line and in your lane!

Hey Yall! It's your favorite round da way blogger and I would love to get your take on BOUNDARIES! Since we are in the midst of social distancing and respecting boundaries, let's hashtag get into it!! How and when do you determine with whom and when to set boundaries? Do you allow people to just get out of pocket with you? And then talk shit after the fact to everybody except the one who crossed the boundary? Do you allow folks to come at you sideways and be disrespectful? Are you the one that crosses lines? Do you consider the other person and what they may have going on or is it always about you? Does your need for attention overshadow respect?

It's imperative to set boundaries and stick to them. Period. You can't allow people to come out of a bag on you and think it is okay. It is not okay. You have to let people know what it is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Some people will talk down to you and treat you as if they are really somebody you should be honored to know. Ask yourself the questions,"Does this person enhance my life? Does this person help me grow?" If the answer is no, then keep that shit pushing. Let their ass know you ain't havin' it... and that certain shit is not gonna fly. It's that simple. Don't talk to me crazy. Don't switch up on me. If people cannot or will not respect your boundaries, then you probably should begin to separate and disassociate yourself. I'm telling you.. when get rid of certain people and their bad energy, you make room for blessings and good energy. And I'm gonna be honest, there are certain people with whom I just don't want to be associated.

How do you set boundaries in your intimate relationships? Do you set them early? It is important that we teach people how to treat us. It is important that we establish boundaries in order protect ourselves, emotionally and spiritually. What happens when someone you are dating violates a boundary? What do you do? Are you able to speak up for yourself? You are your biggest cheerleader. The best thing you can do is be on your own side!! As we learn new behavior with COVID-19, this is the perfect time to work on you! A time to discover what makes you smile. A time to discover what you can do to maintain your inner peace. A time to grow. A time to reunite with your spiritual roots. A time to work on you! Until next time, take care of you!