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Do You Like You?

I see it so often. I’ve seen it in me, in the past...and even now, in the present. The disappointing act of selling ourselves short. For me, it mostly happened whenever I loved a boy...the guy that never deserved my attention, but because my self value was below poverty level, I walked barefoot in the gutter with him. And even though I always knew I deserved better, I dealt with it. The bullshit. The disappointment. The disrespect. The, sometimes physical abuse, but always mental anguish...thee psychological abuse. Some of them would have the audacity to be cheap, or decide they should leave me. Leave ME!? Even knowing that you ain’t shit!? And yet, I chased. Wanted him...letting him back, to be dead weight, that I would so eloquently lay on my shoulders. Why? Why you ask?... Because I did not like myself. That’s what it boils down to. Why else would I be so deadly terrified to be left...with...me? See, the truth is, when we’re single, we’re left alone to be with self, and so many of us...too many of us, subconsciously, can’t live with the idea of being left alone. So, one would you have to ask themselves three questions, at the least. 1. Why don’t I wanna be with me? 2. What is it about me that’s so unfavorable that I can’t stand the thought being left with my whole self?, and 3. If I don’t wanna be with me, why the hell should anybody else want to? I mean, that’s if you wanna prompt healing. It would also explain why you keep attracting trash...we attract from the frequency we vibrate at