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End of Year Close Out and Clean Up!

Hey Yall! It has literally been months. But Thanks be to God, if you are reading this, you made it to the end of 2020. Let us do an End of Year Closeout. That means we are going to take inventory and make plans for next year.

1. CLEAN UP YOURSELF. Do you feel you have any toxic traits? Are you impatient? Selfish? Closeminded? Quick to judge? Do you really listen to people? What are you really doing to make yourself better? Are you the problem? Are you ok with people having a difference of opinion? Can people disagree with you and it be ok? Are people emotionally safe with you? What is your most positive character trait? Are the words coming out of your mouth a representation of who you really are? What toxic or negative traits have you acknowledged and are actively working to improve? Do you just have the mindset of “This is how I am”? If so, we cannot be friends. Period. We all have things to work on. Get to it. Do you pray often? Do you talk to a higher being regularly? Try it. You will feel so much better. It is so important that you show up for yourself every day.

2. CLEAN UP YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. This is major. What type of chicks do you roll with? Do yall sit around and gossip about people and have beef with people but never talk directly to that person? GROW TF UP. Are yall brainstorming on how to increase your income? Are yall being supportive of each other’s children? Do your comments add value to conversations or are you the ants at the picnic? Are yall checking on each other daily and displaying acts of kindness to each other? Do you pray for the people you care about and value.? Are you with your significant other just because you do not want to be single? Do you feel valued? Do you feel appreciated? Are your needs being met? Have you created and maintained healthy boundaries or are you letting people treat you like shit just because? Remember Happiness over History sis! Choose You!!

3. CLEAN UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. I have said before. People wake up and do not even know if they can get out of bed but hop on Facebook. Eyes crusty. Breath still stank. Are you friend requesting people just to be nosey? Connected? Validation? Do you really interact with all 4,276 people? If shit got bad for you, how many of those 4,276 will bring some food or CashApp you a lil something? I am going to be honest, I had to delete some people because their page was just too negative or messy for me. I am like damn; every day is bad day? You mad again? How many of those 4,276-leave positive and encouraging comments?

4. CLEAN UP YOUR HOME. Literally and figuratively. We have been home since March sis. That was plenty of time to clean out your closet. Clean the dust out of your vents and blinds. Perfect opportunity to make donations to those less fortunate. Have you spent quality time with your children? No phones. No television. Good old face to face conversation. Have you allowed them to share things with you in a safe, judgment free atmosphere? Have you allowed them to adjust to the pandemic in a way that worked for them? Have you allowed them to see that you are human? Have you shared your highs and lows with them to let them know its ok to not get it right? Is your significant other meeting your needs and vice versa? Do you smile and laugh often?

There are so many reasons to quit and so many reasons to give up. If you can find one reason to keep going then you are winning! Keep shining! Keep make yourself happy because you deserve it. It is time. Have a safe and peaceful Holiday Season. See yall in 2021!