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Growing Yourself Up

When you know better, you should do better!

Hey Y’all!

What’s really good? We are still in Covid and people are doing the best they can. Do not be hard on yourself. This is new for all of us.I have had a lot of time to reflect and think while working from home. So let’s hashtag get into this topic. Let‘s talk about growth. When you go to the salon, they say you have to clip the dead ends if you want your hair to be healthy. I‘m gonna apply this same theory to my life. In order for me to be healthy, happy, and whole, I have to clip those dead ends. Clipping the dead ends means that those who serve no positive purpose in my life have to go. It doesn’t mean that it has to be negative and dramatic; it means that it no longer serves me on this journey to be better. Growing yourself means taking care of your mind, body and spirit. Are your daily routines healthy, positive and helpful? Or are they just routines? Do you take time to reflect on your behavior? Do you go back and make things right with people when you hurt them or treat them bad? Or do you say “oh well, they will be fine”. Do you tell people how they should feel and minimize what they feel? Do you actively listen? Or listen to respond? What specifically are you doing to grow as a person? Y’all know that self care is growth? Do you take time for you? Get off of social media and meditate. Call someone and allow them to vent or share something with you. Sometimes people don’t want our advice, they want a listening ear, not a running mouth. Try a new food! Whatever you choose to do to be better, remember to keep an open mind! Don’t be hard on yourself ! You are precious! Take care of yourself and remember to smile! It looks so good on you!

Take Care of You!